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Prototyping service

Prototyping is the production of the first copy of a product before production starts. The prototype is needed in order to check the product for compliance with all the necessary parameters. It is tested: they check the optimality of the design, the ability to withstand loads, ease of use, etc. As part of this service, QVARTA industrial design studio employees accompany the project at the stage of prototyping.


from 300$


from 1 week


Manufactured first copy (prototype) of the required device.


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How is a prototype created?

Preparation of terms of reference

The terms of reference prescribe all the requirements for the future product, including the required material, manufacturing method, requirements for the accuracy of manufacturing parts, etc.

Creating a 3D Model

A 3D model is an exact virtual copy of an object that needs to be made. For the production of samples, for example, by 3D printing, a simple 3D model will be enough. For other prototyping methods, it may still be necessary to prepare drawings based on a 3D model.

Prototype production

As a result of this stage of work, the customer will receive a prototype of the device, which is suitable for testing.

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