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Industrial or as it is also called industrial or object design is a branch of design that deals with the creation of things and objects. Industrial design determines not only the appearance of objects. The main task of an industrial designer is to embody an idea with high quality and make an object convenient for use, high-quality durable, and of course, aesthetically attractive.


from 2000$


from 2 weeks


4-5 design options for your device.
By the word design, we mean the appearance (external geometry) of your device or device.


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Industrial design

Development stages

Drafting of TOR

To begin with, we will listen to your idea, ask the necessary questions and draw up a detailed specification for the industrial design service. At its core, a TOR is a set of wishes and restrictions that a designer must take into account when developing the appearance of a device. Only after drawing up the terms of reference, the designer can start working.

Information and sketch search

Before starting work, the team that works on the project should study how similar devices look like from competitors. This is necessary in order not to be repeated while meeting the request of the target audience as much as possible. In addition, the project team is also looking for other devices and devices that can lead the designer to interesting solutions.


At this stage, sketches of the appearance of the product are made, basic ideas are thrown in, and the most acceptable design options are selected. As a rule, our team develops sketches immediately in 3D for clarity. This saves time and avoids mistakes.

Creation of 3D models of the external geometry of the device

After choosing the main concepts, the designer works out the details of each concept that will be included in the presentation for the client. At this stage, a parametric 3D model of each concept is developed. A 3D model of the external geometry of the concept chosen by the customer subsequently goes into the work of the design engineer.

Concept visualization

For the presentation of cut options for the design of the device, it is necessary to make a visualization. To do this, the designer creates a visualization scene, applies textures to each 3D model, renders concepts from different angles, and does post-processing of the resulting images. After this stage, the client can be shown design options for the device.

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