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Flash design service

Flash design is an inexpensive service that allows you to get a good design option for your device in a short period of time. Flash design technology is ideal for validating a product, gadget or device. This is exactly the case when you have an idea, but do not want to spend a large budget to test the idea for demand.


up to 1000$


up to 2 weeks


1 or 2 design options for your device. By design, we mean the appearance (external geometry) of your instrument or device.


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Flash design

Development stages

Preparation of technical specifications for development

This stage involves a detailed description of the task for the designer. In contrast to the industrial design service, the TOR for this service should be drawn up as clearly and specifically as possible, i.e. contain a detailed description of the components used, have examples of the forms of similar devices that you should focus on, etc. This is necessary to minimize the time to search for references before starting development.

Similar devices research

At this stage, there is a research of the appearance of competitors and the collection of references. Despite the fact that as a result of the work the designer will prepare no more than two design concepts for the device, the appearance of the device should still be different from those that already exist on the market.

Development of a 3D model of the external geometry of the device

Based on the collected data and technical specifications, the designer builds one or two concepts of the external geometry of the device in a special program for parametric 3D modeling.

Object visualization of the device from different angles

Visualization of the device is necessary to demonstrate the development result to the customer. The designer applies materials and textures to the developed 3D model, creates a visualization scene and renders several images of the device from different angles.

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