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Electronics development

Electronics development service

Electronics development is a full cycle of services for the creation of an electronic device, which begins with the preparation of technical specifications and ends with the creation of a prototype. QVARTA is a manufacturer of electronic devices to order and can help in this difficult task. In addition, we can design and manufacture an enclosure for your electronic device.


from 1500$


from 2 weeks


A ready-made electronics module, thanks to which the device can perform the specified functions.


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Electronics development

Development stages

Board design

PCB design is the development of an electrical circuit of a device, namely, the calculation of the compatibility of elements, the selection of components and the establishment of a connection between them. Often the implementation of this stage begins with the layout of the elements on the breadboard. After that, the design and layout of the printed circuit board is developed.

Firmware Development

Firmware development - involves writing a program that will control the device. The developed program is written to the controller, which subsequently controls the device.

Preparation of documentation for board production

The final stage of development, at which consultations with the manufacturer are carried out, is also the preparation of the necessary documentation for transferring the electronics of the device to production.

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