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3D - visualisation

3D visualization service

3D visualization is the process of creating realistic images from 3D models. 3D visualization is resorted to when there is no real object yet or it cannot be photographed in the required environment or angle. 3D - visualization is used in advertising, cinema, science, architecture, education and other fields. You can order 3D visualization from QVARTA, we will help you make a realistic 3D visualization of any object with or without an environment.


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3D - visualisation

Development stages

Creating a 3D Model

A 3D model is an exact virtual copy of an object in 3D space. A model is not a finished image, but only its basis, a set of points and lines that follow the contours of an object. The 3D model is the basis for 3D visualization.

Setting up the scene and texturing the 3D model

At its core, visualization is a virtual analogue of photography. The difference is that we photograph not a real, but a virtual object. Like a good photographer before shooting, the visualizer in a special program must correctly set the lighting. In addition, 3D models need to be given color and textures.

Rendering and post processing of images

Rendering is the process of converting a textured 3D model into a picture from a certain angle. After rendering, the resulting image must be finalized in a graphics editor. This process involves cleaning the image for greater clarity and applying various filters.

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