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3D - modeling

3D service - modeling of equipment

The development of 3D models is the creation of an exact virtual copy of an object in three-dimensional space using specialized programs. QVARTA specializes in parametric 3D modeling of instruments and devices. Creating a three-dimensional model is one of the stages in the development of the design and construction of the device.


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An exact virtual copy of an object in three-dimensional space (3D model).


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3D - modeling

Development stages

According to the drawing

Creating a 3D model from a drawing is the most accurate way to model. Because the drawing clearly indicates the dimensions of the product and other necessary requirements.

According to the photo

Making a 3D model from a photograph is more difficult than from a drawing. no exact dimensions. However, this is quite possible if you have three photos in good quality (front, rear and side views), and understand the approximate overall dimensions of the part.

According to the description

Description-based 3D modeling is the most difficult modeling method due to the small amount of initial data. And as a result - the most expensive and labor-intensive. However, QVARTA specialists will collect all your wishes and make a 3D model as close as possible to the description.

According to the sample

You can also develop a 3D model using a ready-made object. To do this, it is measured or scanned with a 3D scanner. Based on these data, the final 3D model is built.

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